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Benefits of partnership

Why partner with ZERO

ZERO partners are manufacturers and professionals who are driving the adoption and implementation of zero energy solutions throughout North America. If you are a solar company, realtor, roofing contractor or electrical contractor, we’d like to partner with you. Please click here to contact us today. 

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Solar Contractors
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Roofing Contractors
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Electrical Contractors
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Exclusive Technologies Portfolio

ZERO has negotiated distribution rights for our partners to many of the latest zero energy convergence technologies. ZERO is committed to providing our partners with the best portfolio of vetted zero energy solutions at the best prices.
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Sales & Support

ZERO support assists with all areas of zero energy solutions as a turnkey technical and sales support resource to you, including in-field sales training. ZERO support gives partners exclusive access to the support that they need to grow their zero energy business.

Lead Generation

ZERO provides a lead sharing platform exclusively within its partnership. Customers often need more than one product or technology at any given time. Receive new business from other partners, or get a referral fee for referring an opportunity to another partner.

Access to Exclusive Financing & Working Capital

Almost all ZERO projects are financed. Our creative financing offerings are a cornerstone of our convergence model. Put multiple products and technologies into one, simple financing package! Our partners also have an exclusive portfolio of financing options for their own internal use. Offer your customers zero out of pocket costs and simple financing with limited risk.

Mentorship Meetings

ZERO will facilitate information sharing and best practices within our partnership community. Our partners form strategic partnerships with other ZERO partners and vendors, while continually improving your knowledge and gaining new ideas to drive your sales and maximize your profitability.

Access to new products

Interested in becoming a solar contractor? As a ZERO partner, you can enter the solar market if you choose to. ZERO provides a complete “business-in-a-box” approach to the new technologies, including solar via our partner programs.

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ZERO can help you maximize your potential within the rapidly changing dynamics of the energy industry.